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VBA Password Remover Software

The VBA macro password breaker is a saviour application that unlocks encrypted VBA files and cracks passwords of any length from VBA project files.

  • Unlocks single password protected VBA file and replace source code
  • Removes password from all files of MS Office like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Any length of VBA password is recovered by this tool
  • Capable of replacing the old password with a new password
  • Effortlessly break multilingual VBA project passwords in very less time
  • VBA Macro password cracker supports MS Office 2007 and all below versions

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VBA Password Recovery: Open Password Protected VBA Code

It is essential to safeguard data with passwords, considering the security issues. However, at times, these passwords are so difficult to hack into that the users fail to access their own data and get completely pissed-off, especially in macros. Hence, to regain access to files and to reset VBA macro password, the VBA Project Password Remover comes into the picture.

Noteworthy Features of VBA Password Breaker


Any Length VBA Password Recovery

The software is efficient enough to crack VBA Excel passwords of any length with its hi-tech technology and in a smooth manner. Passwords with multiple and rare combinations, very long passwords, and other types of complex passwords are removed with the help of this outstanding tool.


Break Lost/Forgotten VBA Password

Without much effort, this tool for bypassing VBA passwords from encrypted VBA project files successfully hacks into lost and forgotten passwords. For example, if a user wants access to Word Macro file whose password is unknown, you can blindly trust this software.


Auto-Generates New VBA Password

The VBA password remover tool takes the initiative to replace old, lost, or forgotten passwords with a new password. Thus, the application is an all round package that generates new passwords automatically along with recovering old VBA macro project files passwords.


Any Language Password Recovery

Even very long source code passwords, including symbols, alpha-numeric characters, alphabets, numbers, special characters, etc., of VBA files in multiple languages are successfully cracked by this VBA password unlocker tool. No matter what type and how complex the password is, the tool has a solution for all.


Displays Entire Unlocking Details

The tool shows total details of breaking VBA Excel password in the recovery details section after the tool is finished with scanning and completing the removal process of VBA password. These details comprise of the entire procedure and an option to reset VBA password to obtain a totally new password.


Any File VBA Password Recovery

The VBA password cracker is a tool that is fully efficient in unlocking passwords from the source code of any file type of MS Office, including .doc, .xla, .xls, .ppt, etc. This software can very smoothly reset the old password so that the user can create a new one. It is a unique tool for breaking passwords of any file format.

Screenshots of VBA Password Reset Utility

Watch How to Bypass VBA Project Password


VBA Word Password Cracker Free Download

The software comes as a trial version which can be downloaded free of cost for previewing the software capabilities at a go. Meanwhile, you are permitted to unlock VBA password from your respective VBA project root age codification but will be shown only the first 2 figures of the new security password as aspect of the demo restriction.

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Purchase the software license according to your need, you can completely own the software and it's functionalities without any restrictions. You can reset VBA project password with a new one formed by this advanced utility without facing any limitations.

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Frequently Asked Question

No, it is Windows software, made for all Windows operating systems, including Windows 8 and older versions.
With this software, you can add only one file at a time to bypass the VBA macro password. But passwords can be cracked from various VBA code files.
No, the tool will not break the password of a corrupt file.

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